Dear Friends of the North Wheeling Community Youth Center:

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Dear Friends of the North Wheeling Community Youth Center:

For the last several months we have been working on renovating our Activity Center across the street from our church, Bethlehem Temple.  It is our desire to continue to provide a safe place for kids and art enrichment.  We are in need of more room than our present facility can provide.

It is our belief that when we finish this building, we can create programs that would help make the Activity Center self-supporting.  Our architect has given us the price of $172,000.00 for finishing the project.  We have spent $22,000.00 on the roof, and $15,000.00 on remodeling of the street front.  In addition, we have just received a $63,000.00 grant to help finish the work.  The challenge is that it is a matching grant.  The grantors will only release the funds as we receive donations, and they have given us a deadline to raise the funds.

At present our church is working on some projects to help raise the funds.  I am donating a portion from all my evangelistic engagements, and the profits from the sale of our CD’s.  But, we have never had such a high goal to reach in this period of time.

Our hope is that God would touch the hearts of those that are able to help us by contributing.  Some would say, “It can’t be done”, but I must believe God is able.

If sixty-three (63) people or organizations contribute $1,000.00 it would be complete.  I know that everyone cannot make that level of commitment, but if you would do what you can it would be appreciated.  For each dollar you give would be matched up to the grant amount.

For those who are able to give $250, $500, $1000 or more, their name or organization will be placed on a Memorial Plaque that will be placed on the hall of the Activity Center on a bronze, silver, or gold plaque respectively.  In addition, for those who cannot give in a lump sum, but would commit to giving a certain amount each month for the next six months, their name would be placed on the appropriate plaque as well.

If God should touch your heart to help us and the kids, please send donations to: North Wheeling Community Youth Center, P.O. Box 6051, Wheeling WV 26003.  Or you may click the “Donate Today” button at the top of the page and donate online.  If you are not able to help by giving, please help by praying.  If God be for us, we are assured of success!  D.W. Cummings